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Hey all youse folkses! I will be having my first official reading and signing at the University Bookstore (Seattle) in the U district, on 11/21 at 7 pm! (Address is 4326 University Way NE in Seattle.) You can come see about me (see what I did there) and hear the first chapter in person, and get the book signed by yours truly! This is very exciting stuff going on, my lovelies. And I’m super nervous and excited about it all.

There is parking behind the store, and they validate if you buy a book from them (which is why you’re there, right?) If you’ve already bought/pre-ordered your book, you can bring it and I will sign it anyway. But if you do that, please buy a different book from Ubooks, so they get their money’s worth from the event. Support your local bookstores! And if you know you’re coming and will be buying my book there, if you can let me know, so I can tell the store how many they might expect, and how many books it might be good to have on hand, that might be good, too. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing, but that seems a sensible idea, right? I’m just trying to be courteous.

And for those of you who hadn’t heard, it does seem that if you “pre-order” a hardcopy version of the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, they’re just sending them along right now anyway, a good month ahead of the actual release date. So, uh, happy reading? I hope you enjoy, if you’ve already received it. I’m scared/proud/happy/nervous about everyone reading it. (If you’ve pre-ordered the ebook, apparently you have to wait for 11/18, as was the original plan. So much for plans.)

To recap: Books – some are out in the world! Official Reading: I’m having one on 11/21 – please come! Nervous bats flapping around in my innards – I have them!

Title is from The Supremes “Come See About Me,” natch.

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