… but I ain’t up for my baby tonight …

I had vague plans on writing something clever for this blog this week. I was going to write up a ranty post about certain 80s song lyrics – which I might still do in the future – but I have lost my oomph for that post, and it’s just sitting there. I also thought about a post regarding the fun, ridiculous, fou-pants ride of a movie that is “Jupiter Ascending,” but there are so many posts about it already, and you can find much more fun and clever and gleeful info about it at various locations, that I decided not to. (As @cleolinda says, “Everything Happens So Much.” And others “This movie is absolute garbage and I love it and I want to see it again.” My main thoughts are: it’s beautiful, lost in enormous amounts of unexplained or inexplicable backstory, it mixes a nefarious marriage/property plot of Edwardian Empire manners with SF tropes and consequences not as well as it might have, and I will own it and watch the pretty pretty often and with glee.)

I pondered posting up something about how the sequel writing is going, but I feel like I don’t have a lot to tell you at present, other than I’m writing, and it’s going, and I’m alternately a genius and a hack, and it’s February …. Yeah. I could tell you that rehearsal season for this summer’s show has begun, and I’m working out harder, and I’m sore, and we just learned some kick-ass choreo to “Too Darn Hot” for the Broadway set, but – there, I just did. That takes care of that. (Kick. Ass. So Much Fun. And Ow.)

So I guess for this post I’m just going to tell y’all that I’m going to Radcon this weekend (starting tomorrow) in the Tri-Cities, and I’m going to hang out and be writerly and have fun and not buy too much jewelry or books and eat (sometimes decent) food. I shall endeavor to work out once, and dance some (if there’s a dance anywhere that’s any good – i.e. no smoke and some music I like at least sometimes … but that oil smoke is a big dance killer, and I wish it would go out of style, and that plus angry trance music is all Radcon dances have been these last few years) and spend time with friends and  write (!) some more. FINISHING THE ROUGH DRAFT OMG I REALLY WANT TO BE DONE WITH IT.

So that’s your postum (Postum, the Postal Adhesive! Tastes kinda like coffee!) for this week. I shall type up some sort of contemplative fuzzies on the con when I get back. Writers gonna write, y’all. Peace out.

Title is from “Too Darn Hot,” which is in turn from “Kiss Me Kate,” a Cole Porter musical that is a lot dirtier than I remembered when I watched it again, and also incredibly, horrifically sexist. But it has fun dance numbers! Also I want to be the dancer who slides out screaming for the Fosse bit in that Tom Dick and Harry dance number. That’s totally me, fruging and all.

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