I heard it on the radio ….

Hi everyone – guess what? I’m still sick. Whee! Going on antibiotics today to kill off the rest of this bug.

BUT – guess what ELSE? I’m a-gonna be on the radio! My auntie, Kris Welch, has a radio program on KPFA on Fridays at noon, and I’m going down to the bay area to be on her show, and to go to FogCon, and to hang out with the fantabulous Lori Ann White, who is awesome. So if you have a hankerin to hear Lori and me talk about conventions in general, and listen to me talk about A Ragged Magic in specific, I’ll be on Kris’ show at about 1240 pm this Friday, 3/6. It’s going to be fun. You can stream it or whatever works for you – the info is on the website.

And if my voice is back to normal, you can all play the game of “Who said that, Linz or Kris?” Because my voice sounds a lot like my aunt’s. (And my mother’s. And a little like my other aunt. Get us all in a room, and then everyone can play the game! Hours of family fun!) (But seriously Kris has a good program and you should listen.

Other than that, I’m still recovering from the crud, which knocked me out of commission for the past two weeks. Our washing machine is broken and our rental company is unresponsive, so who knows how long that will last. Medea, the older kitty, is acting grumpy and upset, and we’re a little worried about her. I’ve missed 2 rehearsals already from being sick, so I’m not only sick of being sick, it’s starting to really piss me off. But! I will be better soon. Onward, marching into March, and I hope everyone is feeling a bit of hope with spring blowing on in.

Title is from that Donna Summers song, “On the Radio,” or something obvious like that.

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