Book Book Book!

Copies of A Tangled Vision arrived today! Happy Birthday to me!!! Go check out Arus Entertainment’s website for copies to buy!

Or you can pre-order for 8/23 from Amazon or anywhere books are sold! (You can also get the 1st book, A Ragged Magic, from any of those places, if you haven’t yet. I will not stop you.)

Boxes of books!
*gasp* So pretty!
I mean…
Look at it!
Kitten for scale
I tried to add both Castor and Pollux for scale, but they weren’t cooperating
So here’s Mairelon the Magician for scale … large and slightly startled

2 thoughts on “BOOK!

  1. Lindsey,
    Congratulations on your book release! That was a wonderful birthday present for you!
    I love your site and your book cover design. And just reading your narratives about your writing adventures is great reading. I am going to read both of your books –in order.
    Best wishes for your future writing and more Book Release parties! 🙂 futcontinued

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