A Long Time Coming/Cover Reveal

Hello my long-neglected website! Let’s see if I can remember how to post things….

A few years have passed since I last posted, and a few more since my book A Ragged Magic was released. But now, at long last, I am getting ready to release the sequel to my book, so I’m dusting this poor website off and getting back into the swing of things. Whatever that swing may be: I’ll have to figure that out as I go. But *this* post, this is for the cover reveal. Because I have a cover! For a book! A book that will be out next month (barring paper supply problems)! The second book in my fantasy trilogy, A Tangled Vision, is ready and raring to go, as soon as we can get some proof logistics worked out. So getcher pre-order fingers ready, because this gorgeous cover, by the amazing Angie Abler, is just waiting to be properly displayed on your shelves. Behold, the beauty that is the second book in The Runebound trilogy!