Just a Little Posty for Fun | RRR the movie

First off, I realize I didn’t post an update about Mom. She’s doing really well; she came through the surgery fine, and all the doctors are very pleased with her recovery. Considering how sick she was, they’re a little surprised at how well she’s doing. But that’s my Mom – an overachiever at all times.

But what I really just wanted to post about was the Indian movie “RRR.” A song from the soundtrack “Naatu Naatu,” won the Oscar for best song, if you’re wondering why it’s familiar. I took 2 nights to finish it because it’s 3 hours long, but honestly I was tempted to watch it all at once; I just started it too late. It’s EPIC.

Y’all, I LOVE this movie. It is horrifyingly brutal in places, which if I’d watched the trailer I would have suspected but I streamed it purely because of the dance scene at the party that the “Naatu Naatu” song is from and thought it would be a bit more Bollywood does Jane Austen-y.

(Link to Naatu Naatu scene on YouTube)

But this is a movie about (real but fictionalized) revolutionaries before Indian independence, so the British are almost uniformly horrifying and awful, often murderous. One English woman is kind, and there’s that party scene, but that’s pretty much it. Fair cop, really – I cannot dispute the horrors of colonialism.

The main gist of the movie, however, besides fighting cruel tyranny to free their people, is best friends. Bros. The two main characters meet about an hour in, and are immediately best superhero bros who are superheroing together in the best-friend-broiest ways they can, despite apparent cross purposes and misunderstandings, long backstories, and the backdrop of tyrannical oppression.

To whet your appetite for superhero shenanigans — at their FIRST meeting (!!!) they both FLING THEMSELVES OFF A MOTORCYCLE (hero A) AND HORSE (hero B) OFF THE SIDES OF A BRIDGE on opposite sides, clinging to a rope, to save a boy from both firey and watery death in the river below, and IT. IS. AWESOME. So if that sounds like fun, I encourage you to watch. (Although if you have adrenaline spike low tolerance like me you might want to wait for a calm day. And know that the good guys win.)

So, here’s the trailer link. I can recommend it. Oh, and all the animals are CGI, so do not worry for the animals. They are all OK.