Merry Solstice

I neglect this website shamefully. It turns out that websites/blogs/me-centered media is not really my strong suit. But I will try to do better. The solstice is in about an hour, and we’ll turn back toward more daylight, at least in this hemisphere. Slowly but inexorably, lighter days ahead.

Ornaments on an Xmas tree: a shiny santa hatted lizard on a snowball, and a little bobbin doll.

This year was a bit roller-coastery:

Mom’s health at the beginning of the year was pretty chancy, but she’s back to her normal (although of course still aging) self, and we’re all so grateful and relieved.

I choreographed and performed (with my dancer friends) a funny (at least to me) zombie dance piece, to nice acclaim from our little dance community. I also performed in our dance school’s performances, and worked myself into some fun (not fun) tendinitis, which I’m still going to physical therapy for, and which kept me out of dance all together for several months over the summer.

Scott was all but promised a full time position with his contract employer, but then they ended up having to lay him off because they couldn’t hire him and couldn’t extend his contract.

Scott’s health has always been more precarious than mine, what with his chronic lung condition, but now we’ve learned he has diabetes also, so we’re navigating that.

I didn’t get to see my best friend Angie this year, but we’re planning a big trip for late 2024, traveling overseas.

I flew down to see family for Thanksgiving, which was wonderful. I do want to see my extended family more often. It’s always a whirlwind and I feel like I don’t talk to those amazing people enough. Travel was ick, but I didn’t catch COVID (still haven’t, knock wood).

I did, however manage to catch some kind of crud at the beginning of November when I went to a musical at the Paramount (Hadestown – so fun! So full of weird plot holes, but the production and acting were great! And the music I already loved.) I came down with something pretty much the next day, and was sick for 2+ weeks. COVID tests were negative throughout. I blame the public transit.

My job, while secure for me, has seen a *lot* of personnel changes, one of which was my boss, who was leaving us for a new job, was suddenly in a car accident and died. It was terrible even as it weirdly didn’t affect us as much as it felt like it should, as we’d already been ready for him to leave. But it was awful in that sudden way car accidents and death are, and my heart goes out to his family and loved ones.

And of course, there’s all the rest of the world – much to worry about and be furious about, even as we celebrate the wins we can.

As a consequence of all of these things, I haven’t been able to write at all, really. Bits here and there, but I’ve been stuck and I’m trying to unstick between now and the 31st, so I can start the year off with actually making progress on my book. Frustrating for those who were left with a cliff hanger, I know. I swear I got them out of that moment! Mostly! With excitement and yes, uh, some more peril. But we’ve moved on, and now I have a different plot problem. Here’s to getting through plot problems and my own brain issues and getting this book finished for a summer release.

Solstice is a time to reflect and renew, at least for me. I know I need to pull myself together, accept help where we need it, reach out when I’m low, and to keep trucking. Adulting has been a struggle this year, but I’ve made the appointments I needed to and I’m working on working on me. What else can any of us do? I wish for a peaceful and kind year ahead for us all. May the days ahead bring us joy and love.